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Thunder Vpn's Speeds Are Fast Enough for Gaming? There are no

My recommendation for VPN gaming is to be avoided if your internet connection is poor. This was due to the fact that my base speed dropped by nearly half on almost all of the servers I tested. Thunder VPN is a good choice if you have high-speed internet. It can stream in HD with Thunder VPN at speeds up to 4Mbps.

Server Network Can Fail You Sometimes Thunder VPN's free version has a very limited server network with servers in only 8 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Singapore, Netherlands, and the United States which is split into Eastern and Western servers.

The VIP version offers more country options, with a total of 10, making it an excellent upgrade. Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland, India, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the US South are just a few of the countries that have been added. Because they had been criticised for being Euro-centric, the coverage in Asia has been an important boost.

Thunder VPN's Free Version has Servers in 8 Countries. As a rule, being close to servers will result in a more enjoyable experience. However, make sure that the server space does not become overloaded by too many users. Thunder VPN has limited servers and a lot of registered users. As such, it can sometimes be slow.

This integration has been a success. The signal meter shows you the strength of the servers in each country at that time. Based on your location, it automatically connects you with the optimal server. Sometimes you might not see a green signal at all, which means that occasionally the server network can be slow.

To help you select the most reliable intercity servers, there are no city-optimized server that shows ping, download and upload speeds. Only the US is the only country that has made little effort to make area-based server, with its East, West, South and South servers.

It is also possible to quickly Is Free Vpn Safe switch between VPN servers. This feature, like most VPNs, is a great one. The app is very fast and can change servers in a matter of seconds, which I find impressive.

Is Thunder Vpn a good option for China? No

Thunder VPN is not able to use obscure servers, which could allow it bypass China's tightcensorship. Networks cannot detect that you use a VPN if the servers are opaque. They can be found in VPNs which use Open. VPN protocol.

Thunder VPN can't be used in China with the SSL protocol. The Great China Firewall blocked their server URL. The support team they have is not available for this matter so I'll stick with what I know.

Thunder Vpn - Unblock Netflix

No. Thunder VPN can't be used to unlock US-exclusive channels.


Take a look at the streaming videos on Netflix and another site.

Do Thunder Vpn reduce my speed?

Your speeds might drop by up to half. Due to the fact that there are only a few servers, the free version can be slow.

Thunder Vpn Result

Thunder VPN, an Android-based app service, is slow and leaves security holes and privacy gaps due to their logging policies. Outdated tunneling protocol, no kill switch function, data encryption is unsecure, does not unblock any of Streaming service. You might lose your privacy, though it's a completely free service!

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Thunder VPN has 5+ million Google Play store downloads. Is there any truth to all this popularity?

In this Thunder VPN review, I will take an in-depth look at this service and try to answer some critical questions. Does it have secure encryption? It will it allow torrenting or unblock Netflix? Do you really need it to protect your privacy and security?

Let's take a look at what this tool is capable of doing.

Thunder Vpn Does Thunder Keep Logs

Thunder VPN is home to one of the most compact legal documents that we have ever seen. In one Terms of Service, you will find both the Privacy Policy and Usage Policy. If you have read the Privacy section first, it may seem like you are actually protected.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. However, we do not log any browsing data from users who connect to our VPN. You can read on for more.

When you sign up for the Thunder VPN Android App, certain information will be required. The legal document then informs that you "can access and update your personal details by logging onto the Site". This means there is no way to log into any other website or webpage.

However, this is just the beginning. It gets worse, much worse. This is a list of the sensitive data that they may collect when you use their app.

IP address

Internet Service Provider

OS version