Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Thunder Vpn Review

Speed: Is Thunder Vpn Lightning-Fast?

We were truly impressed by the speed of connection. Each of the nine servers can be connected to in a matter of seconds. This is quite impressive.

On the negative side, though, our free version VPN speed tests weren't that impressive. These were our baseline speeds before we launched Thunder VPN.

Download speed: 46Mbps

Upload speed: 43 Mbit

Ping: 3 ms

Thunder VPN Speed Test:

Then, we connected to most of the free Thunder VPN servers to see if one would break the pattern of almost identical low speeds. These are the results.

Thunder Vpn Does Support My Device

Thunder VPN only works on Android. Easy to use and install, the app is also very easy.

Thunder Vpn App For Android

After you launch the Android app for the first time, you have to accept the Terms of Service. Next, accept the Connection Request. Tap OK.

The request revealed that Thunder VPN would "monitor network trafic," contrary to what was stated in the policy. But you have to tap OK to move on anyway.

Now you are at the Home screen. You just need to tap the Connect button and connect to the fastest server near you.

However, if you would like to select one of the nine locations, simply tap on the Thunder icon, located at the upper right. It's possible to choose between "Free" (or "Fastest") servers, but this is a name that will be used for the premium subscription ones.

However, the fact that all you have to do is tap once and change your position, makes us happy. You don't need to disconnect separately. Unfortunately, the IPs you are looking for may not be available at each of these nine locations. We found that, while we connected to the Netherlands server and our IP leak tested showed an odd French IP.

Similar results were obtained for Japan servers, which result in Beijing, China IPs instead. Given China's reputation for privacy violations, this is potentially problematic.

You will get annoying third party ads as a result of the free app.

imageThunder Vpn supports torrenting

Thunder VPN is compatible with Bit. But, torrent is not possible with such privacy. The VPN service stores all of your information, including your location and personal data. Logging is a problem. Do the math. If you don't want to get DMCA complaints and fines, better look elsewhere.

Pricing: Is Thunder Vpn Worth It?

The basic app is "free forever," however, there are pricing plans that give you access to their premium servers.

It means you can select between "Free" as well as three pricing plans, which remove third party advertisements.

All things considered, they're asking a hefty price for the product that isn't that great and only provides an app for Android.

Do You Need Thunder Vpn

We conclude our review of Thunder VPN. The premium version is poor, while the free one is not worth it. For both plans, Thunder VPN offers Is Free Vpn Safe ridiculously high levels of online security. We don't believe this provider will protect our anonymity. This provider should be questioned.

Thunder VPN will allow you to gain access to geo-blocked content if there is nothing to lose. To get the best protection possible, forgo it altogether and buy a premium VPN.

Thundervpn 2021

Thunder VPN Review Read Before Installation!

Thunder VPN is a free app for your phone that has bad security. Because it doesn't have the most recent tunneling protocol, this app can easily be hacked. The data you share with this app is also unsecure, because there is no kill switch function to stop your password from being seen if someone else gets into the app. With a rating of 4.8 stars and 368k votes on Google Play Store, this app has 10 million users. The app has been rated as one of the worst we've seen.

VPN service that is free and not secured, with slow processing times

Company that isn't professional, and doesn’t offer support to its apps in the need of being updated

The absence of a Kill switch functions exposes hackers to their data in an uncontrolled manner

Lack of anonymity-IP address is easily traceable

Thunder. VPN allows you to unblock Netflix and BBC i. You can unblock Netflix, BBC i. and Amazon Prime Video.